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Spon-taneous Santa Hoping To End Year With A Hit

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David GoodyWhat links the unlikely quartet of Mötley Crüe, Ebenezer Scrooge, a luge – and the glory of Gary Mabbutt’s left knee? The answer is that all of them get a shout-out in singer-songwriter David Goody’s upcoming festive track, Sky Blue Xmas (SISU Out). An EP featuring this and three of David’s other Coventry-themed classics – Straight Out Of Earlsdon, One More Cathedral Than You and Spon End Santa (‘the funkiest man since Horace Panter’)  – will be released on Boxing Day on the Domesticated Records label.

Part of the charm of Sky Blue Xmas emanates from the run-that-one-past-me-again pairing of David’s mild-to-moderately affronted posh-boy persona and the stereotypically urban, working-class preoccupation with following football. You get the same delightful frisson from some of his other Coventry songs, like We Call it a Batch; so it’s no surprise that along with Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swan and Monty Python, he cites chap-hop pioneer and dandy rapper Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer as one of his influences.

‘There are so many songs that don’t actually mean anything’ says David of the current music scene. ‘They’re just bland, emotive and sung in a plaintive voice. I’m interested in the tension between serious subjects and the banal – or just straight-up weird – things that form people’s everyday experiences’.

His own songs, and their accompanying videos, are high-speed rummages through the jumbled scrap-books of our minds, where half-remembered trivia of naff TV ads, bracing Pathé newsreels and the claims and counter-claims made in British supermarket wars, somehow combine themselves into popular culture that everyone can relate to.

In his early work, David plays with this free-association of ideas to take existing songs down surprising new paths. Drawing on Amy Winehouse’s dislike of traditional seaside holidays, her Rehab track becomes, in his hands, a brilliant comic parody with lines like ‘they tried to make me go to Clacton/I said no, no, no’, but also an evocation of Britain’s love-hate relationship with its run-down resort towns, and a nostalgic roll-call of the place names that conjure them up.

Since he started performing live about four years ago, David has appeared at various local venues such as Millsy’s and the Whitefriars. He’s also suicidally auditioned for the X Factor with a song called The Dark Heart of Simon Cowell, taken the stage at the last four Glastonbury Festivals and – in a career highlight – had his song about Radio 5 Live’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review Show played on the show itself.

Of Coventry, he says ‘it’s at an interesting juncture. The growth of the university is incredible. It has the opportunity to brand itself as a strong and vibrant student town, something it has never been before, but the city centre also needs balance’.

Musically, he says there are quite a few things happening, including a number of Open Mic sessions, which can provide an ideal stage for novice acts to build experience and repertoire in a supportive environment. For beginners, he particularly recommends Millsy’s Café Bar in Earlsdon on Monday nights, and The Tin at the Canal Basin on Sunday nights.

Where his own career is concerned, he has, he says, no aspirations to national celebrity, and ‘would quite happily be a Coventry curio’. The internet, however, is ‘a place of random strangeness, where stuff exists for no particular reason other than ‘because’’ and while audiences from further afield may not completely ‘get’ the Coventry references in some of the songs, it doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate them.

One of his most fondly-remembered performances was when he played Shampoo from Poundland at a huge CCFC supporters’ rally in the city centre. The song is actually a parody of Led Zeppelin’s rock standard Stairway to Heaven, but ‘it turned into a reflection on the nonsense of the stadium situation’ says David. ‘Making a mockery of the song became a plea to SISU to stop making a mockery of the club’.

It’s another example of the unexpected connections made by these droll but deeply clever songs, that help us to view our city and ourselves through strange new lenses. Speaking for myself, I’ve recently run out of hair-care product. I wonder if Spon End Santa is bringing me some from Poundland? The old funkster.

The forthcoming EP will be released by Domesticated Records on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other major digital music stores on Boxing Day.

Catch more of David’s music on these channels:
Sky Blue Xmas (SISU out) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RbHd7nExyc
Spon End Santa – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fdm4QSkrJ0
Straight Out Of Earlsdon – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbnJCeHhcFw

or on David’s website: http://www.davidgoody.co.uk/

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