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JLR Submit Plans For New ‘Powertrain Development Centre’ At Whitley

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JLR Powertrain Facility

Plans for a new Powertrain Development Centre located at Jaguar Land Rover’s Whitley site have been submitted for planning approval.

The new centre will replace existing facilities for powertrain development that are considered uncompetitive and in a poor state of repair; hampering Jaguar Land Rover’s ability to effectively deliver the increased model range which the company produces.

The new facility will enable specialised testing facilities for powertrain development, and will provide:

  • A lower ground floor level consisting of test vehicle storage and staff locker/ changing facilities.
  • A ground floor level accommodating vehicle and engine test cells along with the required support facilities.
  • A first floor office plate to accommodate 400 staff with amenities as appropriate and plant space.

The total number of staff that will be accommodated in this new facility will be around 750.

The team behind the project is led by Ridge, who are responsible for the overall design. Ridge are acknowledged leaders in providing design and project management to the automotive industry and have completed numerous research and development projects for the majority of Formula 1 teams as well as Jaguar Land Rover. Structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, and acoustic consultancy is to be provided by Arup.

The development will provide 61,721 square metres of work space across three floors, covering an area of up to 30,000 square metres.

The development site covers an area of land covered by an extant planning permission approved by the Secretary of State in 2001 for the development of the application site and wider area for a business park use with associated land uses.

While these plans could still be implemented, JLR have concluded that given their current and anticipated future business needs, the development of a new Powertrain Development Facility at this location is a better and more appropriate use of the land south of the existing site.

The scheme includes proposals for three ancillary buildings that are required to support the functionality of the proposed facility.  These include a Welcome Centre, a Fuel Farm and an extension to the Mileage Accumulation Facility.

JLR Powertrain Facility
Drawing showing the proposed site boundary
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  1. Alan denyer

    November 3, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    If this is for anything other than pure battery electric vehicle drivetrain tech jlr management need their collective heads seeing to.
    I love jaguar as a brand but writing is on the wall for old combustion engine way of doing things. Come on guys /girls let see some innovation – quickly ! X tesla model s / Renault Zoe owner, Coventry

  2. Jim Bergerac

    November 4, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    We should be welcoming any company looking to develop within the Coventry area. Electric cars sound fantastic but fuel needs to be burnt to provide electricity so not totally green. Im sure they are developing greener cars as we speak.

  3. Craig Woollaston

    November 4, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    Electric cars have a place, and that sector will grow massively, but we’re along way from mass uptake. It is also the case that the grid is not able to supply the power necessary to charge millions of cars, at least not at a time of peak demand when we are already running close to grid outages. It’ll be 20 years or more before electric cars are the norm.

    I think JLR are looking to launch an all electric SUV in 2019 and are test-driving protoypes, and have other models in development. They may be a little behind the curve but look to be catching up quickly.

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